Diary - search for missing teenager goes on

A sad day as the search for the missing 19-year-old, Gaia Pope, continues. Clothing, believed to be Gaia's, was found near Dancing Ledge and a 49-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. I have written to Gaia's Mum, who must be going through hell, poor woman. Of course, there is still hope Gaia might be alive, and let's hope and pray that is the case. Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, the President, Robert Mugabe, appears to be under house arrest after a military coup. Mugabe is a thug and I doubt whether anyone will shed any tears as his near 40-year rule comes to an end. His country was once known as the 'bread-basket' of Africa, but the economy has spiralled into ruin ever since Mugabe took over. Goodness knows how many people have been killed and tortured over these decades, and let's hope that this could mean a fresh start for the country. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, the small group of pro-EU MPs in my Party wrote a letter to the Telegraph today, claiming they were not intent on sabotaging Brexit. I'm afraid I just do not believe them. The most prominent signatory was Ken Clark, who's spent his whole political career praising the EU. I can't see him changing his mind now. He and his cohorts are objecting to the Government's plan to actually set a date for Brexit, which is eminently sensible. It will help to concentrate minds, not least those of EU officials who will do all they can to prevent us from leaving.