Diary - raising concerns over the Marine A case

The talk is still about the next General Election, set for 8 June, almost a year to the day that the country voted to leave the EU. Extraordinary how events change. As I've said, I think the PM's decision to call an election is a brave and principled one, and I hope will pay dividends, giving a strong Government the authority to negotiate our way out of the EU from a position of strength. After a routine morning, I entered the Chamber in time for PMQs. The Speaker kept it going for about 40 minutes, 10 more than the norm, and something which is happening more frequently. Mr Corbyn made no impact at all and on occasions sounded hysterical. Mrs May remained calm and cool and came across as the top class leader that she is proving to be. We need her. In the afternoon, I attended the last of our European Scrutiny Committees before the House rises on 3 May. I met with defence minister Mark Lancaster, handing him a note about the Marine A case and some of the issues which arose during it. There are legal questions too and he promised to look further at our concerns. Government business ended a little before time and I headed home at about 1900.