Diary - RAF commemorates its 100th anniversary

Out for a run and then into the Commons for a meeting with Treasury Minister Robert Jenrick to discuss money for Weymouth's creaking harbour walls and flood defences. Sadly, the meeting was postponed until tomorrow morning! While matters were routine in the House, outside final preparations were being made for the largest fly-past for many years to mark the RAF's 100th anniversary. Having fortunately invested in a bicycle, I was able to reach the Commons quite easily, weaving my way inbetween thousands of tourists and navigating around and through closed roads - at least to cars and lorries. At midday I had a lunch appointment with the CLA, which I am not a member of, to speak to a number of guests about matters agricultural. Fortunately, the restaurant had a balcony, so we had a good view of the fly-past at 1300. I don't know about you, but there is something that plucks at the heart-strings when you see these mighty flying machines, in perfect formation, strutting their stuff in the air above Buckingham Palace. Of course, we owe so much to all our Service personnel, and none more so than to the boys and girls in blue, who defended our skies with such tenacity and courage back in those dark days of WWII. They continue to serve today with the same courage and dedication and it was a proud moment watching a range of aircraft roar over our heads. Various meetings in the afternoon with colleagues, with Brexit - or the lack of it - being the main topic up for debate. Mrs May's proposals have caused a furore and rightly so. If accepted by the EU - and that's a very big if - we will leave the EU in name alone, and that's not what the referendum result was about. Finally, France beat Belgium in a place for the World Cup finals, with England playing Croatia tomorrow night. Very exciting. Come on, England!