Diary - the race for the top job is on

Back to the Commons as the race as to who becomes our next PM gets under way. There are plans to change the rules to ensure that no-hopers don't waste our time, when it's important we select our next leader as quickly as we reasonably can. Private meetings of one kind or another are the norm at the moment as the candidates and their teams navigate their way through a series of hustings, the first being tonight. I attended two private meetings, one of them being the weekly ERG. That was followed by a hustings organised by a group of MPs calling themselves 'one nation Conservatives'. That's shorthand for Remainers, like Clark et al. All Conservative MPs were invited so I listened to two candidates receive their 30 minute grilling, Sajid Javid and Rory Stewart. I don't think it's fair for me to comment on their performance, as it was held in private, but I am not supporting either man. With plenty more hustings to come, the next being on Monday next week, there will be time enough to listen to those wanting the top job. Meanwhile, outside parliament the anti-Trump brigade were ranting and raving, many carrying placards demonising the US President. Corbyn made an appearance at the rally, shouting platitudes and utter rubbish into the microphone and making himself look even more unelectable. I almost felt sorry for him if he wasn't such a real and present danger to the future of our country. Of course, Trump is here on a State visit and to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D Day. There is a big parade in Portsmouth tomorrow. We should never forget that the US is our closest ally and that Donald Trump is its democratically elected leader. The Mayor of London's unpleasant and unnecessary remarks about Mr Trump are what one would expect from this man, who shames his office.