Diary - Project Fear rolls back into town

Here we go again! Project Fear 2. Chancellor Hammond and his team of Remainers once again warn we're going to hell in a handcart. As freedom day approaches these tactics are going to be applied more and more. Our great country appears to have lost its soul and spirit over the 40 years or so that we have been in the EU. We are already a vassal state, leaderless, rudderless and reliant on being told what to do from an unaccountable centre based in Brussels. We have this one chance to take back control of our destiny and we must not lose it. PMQs was predictable, with Corbyn claiming everything's a mess, and Mrs May saying her deal is the best in town. Well, we will see what happens on Tuesday, 11 December, when the House votes on this deal, which is shot through with holes. I and my colleagues Simon Hoare and Oliver Letwin met one of Michael Gove's civil servants to discuss the controversial proposal for a National Park in Dorset. No thank you say all three of us. There are parts of the country where a NP is appropriate, but Dorset is definitely not one of them. Early in the evening I attended another private meeting concerning Brexit and much was discussed. We live in interesting times and I watch and listen to colleagues, many of whom wish to prevent our departure from the EU.