Diary - police open day attracts thousands

Who could resist a police open day? II certainly could not, and regrettably leapt into my battered Landrover to make my to police HQs at Winfrith. I say regrettably because the traffic was appalling and I should have gone by bike. I soon realised how popular this event was proving to be when I became stuck in slow moving traffic some three miles from the HQs. Anyway, I stuck with it, and having parked up made my way through the main gate to join the many thousands of visitors who were enjoying the event. The police really had done a good job and there was much to see and keep all ages happy and most importantly interested. The helicopter was a popular, as was the dog show. I wandered around chatting to officers and visitors and caught up with Chief Constable James Vaughan and DP&CC Martyn Underhill just as the former was about to be hoisted up the radio mast and then roped down, or at least that was the plan. Poor Mr Underhill had fallen down the stairs and hurt his leg. I heard later than more than 6,000 people had attended what was a very well run event and the police should be congratulated for laying on such a fun and interesting day.