Diary - PM calls early General Election

What a day! Talk about being taken by surprise. We'd all just returned from the Easter break and I was in my office by 0900 sorting through several routine matters when my assistant called me to say that the PM was to make a statement on the steps on No 10 at 1115. There was immediate speculation, ranging from ill health, through war to a general election. Glued to my office TV, I watched as Mrs May walked purposely to the podium and announce a snap general election. It has to be said, I was surprised, but totally agree with Mrs May's reasoning. It's now time for the country to get behind her so that we can negotiate the best deal possible with the EU as we leave. I think Mrs May's decision is a courageous one and we can take nothing for granted. Yes, the polls give us a healthy lead, but arrogance is the downfall of many a politician and Party, and we must explain clearly what we stand for and where we are heading. Mrs May has proved outstanding in her new role to date and this election will also secure her own personal mandate from the electorate which is as it should be. Clearly, after this shock announcement everything else paled into insignificance. In the afternoon, I attended the funeral of my Aunt, a lovely lady who had a full and rich life, passing away aged 92 peacefully in her bed. It was a touching and well attended Service. We finished in the House at about 2200. What a day.