Diary - pension crisis in the NHS

A busy morning and then back to London. Northern Ireland business dominated the afternoon. However, I attended one Urgent Question (UQ) and one Statement before that debate began. The first was on pension arrangements for senior clinicians and executives. In short, the arrangement ensure they are penalised through the tax system and this is seeing treatment being cancelled and senior staff with a lot of experience leaving the NHS. I raised that point in the Chamber. Then I stayed in the Chamber for the Statement on Higher Technical Education Reform. I support the Government's aim to make Higher Technical Education a prestigious choice that delivers the skills employers need and encourages more students to continue studying after A Levels or T Levels. I asked the minister for £18 million in order for Weymouth College to have a centre of excellence in which these skills can be taught. The debate on N Ireland began soon after and soon after that we were placed on a one-line whip.