Diary - meeting air ambulance teams

Back up to London in pouring rain. Leadership bids have to be in by 1700 today. Eleven of my colleagues are expected to stand if they have the required number of eight colleagues to support them. Meanwhile, alliances are being made and no doubt jobs promised to those who support each candidate. To me this is not about that, though. This is about finding the right leader to take us out of the EU, thereby finally honouring the 2016 referendum. There is a lot of waffle on this topic from most of the candidates, who, let's face it, are partly responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. Several of them backed May's ruinous deal and not nearly enough was heard from so-called Brexiteers at the time. The fact they are now standing to become the next PM baffles me. That being said, this is politics and ambition is a powerful stimulant. I went to a well attended APPG meeting of the air ambulance, where teams from across the country all came together to promote their roll, skills and life-saving capabilities. I met the team from the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, led by CEO Bill Sivewright. A young woman was with them who'd broken her neck after falling from her horse. She is now fully recovered and riding again, all, she says, due to the skill and care of the team on board the helicopter on that terrible day. These machines and paramedics are especially beneficial in rural parts of the country, where it takes an ambulance time to reach the patient and then more time to get them to hospital. I cannot praise this service and those who crew the helicopters enough. At 1800 another hustings session began, this time run by the '92 Group. Each contender was given 15 minutes to both address us and take questions. Again, it would be wrong to comment on what was a private meeting, but I can say that there were marked differences between the candidates, one or two of them proposing to delay Brexit further. This is madness.