Diary - giving my support to an MP colleague

Today was a sad day, as I headed to Taunton to support my friend and colleague Rebecca Pow MP. Her husband, Charles Clark, died of cancer in June and this was his memorial Service. I climbed into my leathers and set off from London at about 0930. The roads were mercifully free-flowing, so I arrived at the Chapel of St Mary & St Andrew, Kings College, Taunton, at 1240. Time to disappear into a lavatory to change into a suit. That done, I arrived at the front of church as Rebecca and her three children were preparing to go in. Rebecca generously allocated a place for me at the front of a very packed church. Indeed, so packed, another 100 people sat outside on a sheltered green beside the church. I found myself sitting next to Franco Clark, Charles' brother. He could not have been more welcoming and gave a superb eulogy, along with several others, including Charles' son James, and, of course, Rebecca herself. It was a truly touching Service with many, many attendees. Charles was very popular, a cricket enthusiast and professional auctioneer. He and Rebecca were married on 14 September, 1989. I saw a few colleagues from the House who'd come to support, too. With a long way still to go, I climbed back on to my motorcycle after the Service and headed home, arriving at about 1730. I realised I hadn't eaten a thing all day, so wolfed down an ice cream at a petrol station.