Diary - fighting for veterans

Dentist and haircut and then into the Commons. A busy morning, before hosting a very old mate for PMQs and lunch. That was shortened by the fact I had to attend our weekly European Scrutiny Committee with Sir Bill Cash. PMQs was the normal Corbyn rant, which then gets sent to his followers via social media. This week he targeted Universal Credit, which those working in the Weymouth employment office think is a considerable improvement to the complicated system brought in by the last Labour government. I always listen to Opposition opinions as  we don't get it right all the time. Who does? But Corbyn, a Marxist, is sworn to break our country and I'm afraid I just cannot take him or his ilk seriously. Later in the afternoon, a team of former soldiers went to see the new Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox QC. We were raising the stakes on the Government to resolve this appalling injustice where N Ireland veterans are being dragged by to court some decades after serving there. This must stop and we did not mince our words. Fortunately, Geoffrey, who is a most able barrister, had read up beforehand and was able to give us some reassurance that what action could be taken within the law would be. I reminded him of the case of Marine A, which he did not think would succeed. That was proof in itself that our service men and women do not always get the protection they need after serving our country, in our name, and often in appalling and dangerous circumstances.