Diary - festival goer found dead

The main debate saw the Finance Bill put to bed. It did not go on for as long as some expected, with few contributors from Labour. A further two hour debate on Committees, their role and make-up got the House going a bit, with Labour accusing us of putting more of our MPs in each Committee. There is nothing unusual about that and my colleague Charles Walker, chairman of the Procedure Committee, and often no friend of the Government, told the Chamber he could not get worked up about this. Meanwhile, there was plenty of constituency work to get through and of course we expect the CCG's proposals for future healthcare in Dorset tomorrow. A final decision will be made on 20 September. Then more news on 25 year old Louella Michie, who was found dead in woods during Bestival in my constituency. She is the daughter of actor John Michie. There have been suggestions that her tragic death was linked to drugs, but there is no evidence of that as I write and the police are making further inquiries. She was far too young to die and my deepest sympathies extend to her family and friends. So very sad.