Diary - fairer funding for Dorset schools

After a week at home dealing with the aftermath of my Pa's sad passing, it was back to the Commons for the penultimate week before the House rises for the summer. The most important item on today's list was the fairer funding meeting with the campaign group F40. It represents the lowest funded education authorities in England and many MPs like myself have supported F40 for many years. Their representative today was Margaret Judd, from DCC. She's a star and has done a huge amount of work to promote their own funding formula, which is very detailed and can be seen on their website: www.f40.org.uk. My colleague Alex Chalk MP is now representing us kindly and he has kept in close touch with F40. He told us that the Government were due to announce its preferred formula shortly. What did not fill me with confidence was the fact the Government has not really sat down with F40 to go through their formula. Anyway, I shall battle on as Dorset really has not had a fair share of the cake and that's all we are asking for. Despite the threat of a late vote on a Bill about broadband and mobile phone coverage nothing materialised in the end and we all headed home at 2200.