Diary - exciting ideas for the future of Weymouth & Portland

Take the bike, or not? The forecast was not good but, with many miles to travel, and it being a Friday, I decided the steel horse was the best option. So, first to Dorchester for an important meeting with council officials, Rupert Best, Bill Reeves, CEO of Portland Port, and Oliver Letwin. The content of this meeting is confidential, but I can say that we continue to work on a future strategic plan for Weymouth and Portland that can attract most businesses, create more wealth and have  a more integrated transport network. After the meeting, I stayed behind to chat to Mr Reeves to hear the latest from his newly established panel, which I initiated a while ago. Typically, it was Mr Reeves who took up the cudgel, seeing the idea for what it was, a chance to work with organisations across the board to work together to conclude a way forward that would benefit the area. The panel is making very good progress and is spreading its tentacles right across the resort and island. The feedback is positive and I look forward to the day we can re-invite the minister back down in order to lobby hard for investment. I then had to travel north of Andover to address a colleague's Association lunch, which I was delighted to do. Arriving slightly later than intended, I leapt out of my waterproofs and into a suit before joining more than 60 of Kit Malthouse's Members for a most enjoyable lunch. Everyone was right behind Boris and there was an impatience to get Brexit done. I concur. This has gone on far too long and faith in our democracy is being severely tested. By the time I left at about 1515, the rain was coming down hard, so the two hour drive home was not the most fun experience I've had on my motorbike.