Diary - a day of infamy

Another depressing day as this atrocious Bill which undermines the new Prime Minister and empowers the EU even further comes to the House after last night's vote. No doubt Remainers jumped for joy as they continue to undermine the democratic will of the people, but the people will win in the end, of that I am certain. To see my own so-called colleagues involved in all this saddens me deeply. The damage is irreparable as they continue to work with Opposition Parties whose sole intent is to stop Brexit, however they might disguise that ugly fact. It was Mr Johnson's first PMQs, and my wife and two very old friends were in the Chamber to witness the weekly clash. As you might imagine, sparks did fly, with fuel being added by the Speaker who, by chance, only picked MPs who he must have known would cause trouble. The bias shown by this Speaker is in itself disgraceful. God knows where all this will lead, but lunch with my wife and then our weekly European Scrutiny Committee took me away from the Chamber, as the usual suspects lined up to to give their disingenuous take on Brexit. Meanwhile, in CR 16, we posed questions to Sir Stephen Laws, Professor Kenneth Armstrong and Dr Jack Simson Caird. This was the first session of an inquiry on post-Brexit scrutiny of EU law and policy to examine (a) the immediate practical consequences of the UK's exit from the EU (b) the potential reach of EU laws and policies and their potential impact and (c) the relevance and purpose of EU scrutiny in a post-Brexit world. Regrettably, due to all that was going on, not least in the Chamber, we could not remain quorate for the expected period, so we had to draw stumps half way through. The vote came at 1700 and we lost. That was not unexpected. The Third Reading took only a short time and the Bill then headed to the Lords. Afterwards, the PM attempted to push through a Bill that would allow a General Election, but, again, we lost. Corbyn, have called for one for years, chickened out. Again, this was not unexpected. Just after 2200 we learnt that tomorrow had dropped to a one-line. What a day, what a shambles, what a disgrace. How will anyone trust us again after all this?