Diary - consoling a friend

Mild weather continuing to dominate, and no rain in sight until the evening, I decided to take the motorbike, my first port of call being DCH. There I met hospital campaigner Naomi Patterson, her friend Emily and Cllr Gerald Duke at the hospital's restaurant. Although Naomi is not my constituent, she is campaigning to keep paediatrics and maternity at DCH, which many of my constituents use and need. I and my colleague Sir Oliver Letwin have both supported this campaign and I'm glad to say that our joint efforts appear to have worked. However, Naomi remains concerned about the longer term and that's what we met to discuss and the issue of autism and the way it is diagnosed and then dealt with. As we chatted, hospital CEO Patricia Miller passed by and we confirmed we'd meeting later in the afternoon. Leaving DCH, next stop was Upwey, where I went to console the lovely Helen Goodman, who has sadly just lost her husband, Mike, who I was very fond of. She was in good spirits and reassured me that, Mike having spent much time away with the Royal Navy, she was accustomed to being on her own. With rain threatening, it was time to climb into my wet-weather gear and head back to Trust HQs to see Patricia Miller. I have huge respect for Patricia. She is not frightened to speak her mind and, where she sees things going wrong, she says so. Our conversation was in confidence, but a number of issues were raised and I have written to Tim Goodson, CEO of Dorset CCG, about them. Now spitting with rain, I headed to Blandford and then home, where there was much correspondence to keep me going until 1900.