Diary - the confusion continues

Day Two on the EU Withdrawal Act. With more than 40 MPs putting into speak on each of the five days, each Member is getting about seven minutes to speak. I am due to speak tomorrow. A busy morning in the office working on constituency matters before PMQs at midday. Corbyn failed to strike a blow which is remarkable considering the current state of affairs. I spent the afternoon working on my speech for tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Press speculate on this and that, while rumours swirl in the corridors of power. It is not a good time in the House and I remain saddened that so many colleagues all round the House continue to do their best to stop Brexit. This is dishonourable. At 1800 many of us attended the weekly ERG meeting, where the Chief Whip listened to MPs' concerns. The meeting was in confidence, so I cannot reveal what was said, other than to say Members were blunt in their assessments.