Diary - chatting to the Rotarians

A busy morning, working lunch and then across to Dorchester for one of my regular meetings with the able CEO of the Tri-Council, Matt Prosser. Armed with a cuppa, we discussed many local issues for an hour. I have managed to organise one ministerial meeting over flood defence and Matt asked me to arrange another which we are working on. Back home and into a suit before heading to Weymouth to attend a Rotary dinner in Pilgrim House. I had been asked by one of their senior members, Andy Prowse, to address them all on a topic of my choosing. After a fun evening and a good dinner, I stood up and told them about the story of Marine A, Al Blackman. It is quite a story and I am told they are considering making a film about it. No agent has approached me yet! The Rotarians do a fabulous job raising money for all kinds of good causes and I was delighted to support them. A fun evening.