Diary - catching the Speaker's eye

An early morning run and into the Commons. Routine matters to PMQs and then into the Chamber in the hope I might catch the Speaker's eye. I wanted to praised the crews of the tug Kingston and the lifeboats from Swanage and Weymouth for their courage and professionalism in the face of monstrous seas and high winds on New Year's Eve. The tug eventually fixed a tow with a cargo vessel that was adrift and at risk of being blown on to the rocks. With seven crew on board, the lifeboats kept their station in huge seas in case they were needed to rescue anyone who ended up in the sea. Both crews are professional and very ably led by their respective Coxswains. They are all a credit to the RNLI. The tug skipper deserves special praise as fixing the tow was apparently not easy due to poor communications and language barrier. I was delighted when the Speaker did call me, but he clearly could not refrain from using all my names, and for the third time in as many months. The weekly ding-dong between Mrs May and Corbyn saw the latter attacking on NHS matters. A working lunch at my desk and then up to Committee Room 19 for another session of our European Scrutiny Committee. I sat next to the delightful Kate Hoey, a charming Labour MP who stands up for what she believes in. This session was in private so I cannot comment on what was said, except to say that while we remain in the EU there is still a need for the Committee. No one will be happier than me when that need disappears post March 2019. A sovereign country once again; it's hard to believe. Later I completed my weekly newspaper column, wrote to the PM asking her down to visit our lifeboat stations and dealt with more constituency matters. Back to Dorset in the evening.