Diary - Cabinet reshuffle surprises

On a wet and blustery morning, I headed to Portland to visit Sunseeker, the luxury boatbuilder. A major employer in my constituency - c 250 staff - I had not been there for a while and requested this visit for an update. It was a most interesting morning. Having met Mike Joy and James Cox, I was driven to Southwell, where a new factory has been opened. Here the smaller parts of the boat are dealt with, the show run by a most impressive young man called Matt Hurst. At the tender age of 31, he is the production manager and has packed a lot of experience into the past 10 years. He showed me around and it was a great pleasure to meet some of the team, including trainees and apprentices, all of whom were impressive. Then it was back down to the main plant on Osprey Quay and a chat with Business Manager Mike Joy over a cup of team, kindly made by Sue Rowle, who is the receptionist. My chat with Mike was confidential, but I can say that the company is doing well. While all this was going on, the PM was dealing with his reshuffle. It was all meant to go swimmingly but that was because no one had predicted that the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, would resign unexpectedly. Like any reshuffle, there will be some dented egos, but that's politics and no one is ever in the spotlight for very long. Some important constituency matters to deal with mid afternoon. I have learnt that trying to unblock problems is not always as easy as it might first appear!