Diary - Boris wins the crown

A very early morning run to avoid a scorching sun and into the Commons for what was an interesting day, not least for Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. I headed over to the QE11 Centre at about 1100 to join the throng of MPs, journalists and Party helpers to see who had won the crown. Party Chairman Brandon Lewis came on first as the warm up act, before handing over to Charles Walker and Cheryl Gillan, two senior members of the '22 Committee. After thanking all those who had taken part, and helped to run the election campaign, Cheryl opened the envelope and read out the result. The number of eligible electors was 159,320. Turnout was 87.4%. Total number of ballot papers rejected was 509. Jeremy Hunt got 46,656 votes, while Boris Johnson got 92,153. That's 66% to 34%. So a good win for Boris. He made an excellent acceptance speech and then we all filed out and back to the Commons. I gave my parliamentary team lunch to thank them for all their hard work, returned to the office for a short while and then attended a meeting of the '22 Committee to listen to Boris. Both Jeremy and Boris received thunderous applause, and rightly so. Boris then spoke for about 10 minutes before taking questions for 20. His enthusiasm and light touch illuminated the room and I could sense the mood of the Party changing. I wish him well and I hope and pray that all my colleagues now get behind him so we can move on. There is much to do.