Diary - Boris takes over as PM

Another hot day. Dentist and haircut first thing and into the Commons. It was Mrs May's last PMQs and it turned out to be a rather bitter one, with neither side giving much ground. Corbyn decided to undermine the PM's achievements, leaving Mrs May to retort at the end that, as she had realised her time had come to stand down, shouldn't he! Brilliant line. Corbyn refused to join the standing ovation at the end of PMQs, but no surprise there. Then, in the afternoon, I watched Mrs May leave the Commons and head to Buckingham Palace to resign. Many had come to the inner courtyard to wish her well. I felt a pang of pity for her, as she did do her best, but I'm afraid the determination to deliver the result of the 2016 referendum was simply not there, not helped by a heavily Remain Cabinet, sadly. Then it was Boris' turn to see the Queen and take over the reins of power. What an extraordinary moment that must be. Returning to No 10 as PM, Boris then launched into what he intended his Government to do on the steps of his new home. It was heady stuff, his enthusiasm infectious, his delivery humorous, but full of weight. Already the mood of the Party has changed and Boris is doing exactly what I predicted he would do - injecting a can-do attitude to politics, at last.