Diary - better safety at sea for our fishermen

A full day, beginning with a run in the park. Routine morning and then down to the Chamber for PMQs. Corbyn went for the Prime Minister (PM) over Brexit. She responded - rather well, I thought - by accusing Corbyn of betraying millions of Labour voters now that he's changed his stance and is backing a second referendum. I stayed in the Chamber for a little longer to listen to the PM's Statement on the 2019 G20. She spoke about climate change, preventing terrorists from using the internet, global economy and trade, Gulf tensions and Russia and the EU council. Down to the Pavilion Terrace afterwards to attend an event for Tesco. A very good friend of mine was there, so a chance for a catch-up and to meet the company's CEO. Back upstairs to CR 19 for our weekly European Scrutiny Committee, which was in private. At 1600 I was in the Wilson Room for a meeting on safety at sea for our fishermen. We have had our share of tragedies in S Dorset and I was keen to find out what the Government and the industry were doing to keep fishermen safer. The meeting was arranged and hosted by minister Nusrat Ghani. There was an impressive list of attendees, including the MCA, RNLI, Maritime Investigation Branch, British Ports' Association, Northern Ireland Fishermen's Association and the Fishermen's Mission. Several MPs came too. The minister announced a new tranche of money for locater beacons and lifejackets and to ensure that boats, especially the smaller ones, are stable. There have been 35 deaths in the last 5 years, so clearly there is a problem and a lot of work is now going on to ensure better safety at sea. Back to Dorset in the evening.