Diary - another extension, another broken promise

A day of private meetings and voting against the Government - again. How deeply depressing that this has to be the case. It was hard to stomach this afternoon, seeing Conservative MPs standing in the same Lobby as Corbyn. Clearly, Labour and Mrs May have come to an agreement or they would not have been voting with the Government to extend our departure from the EU until June. This extension will achieve what, precisely? More talk, more betrayal, more backsliding, more broken promises! The chance we have as a country to forge ahead is there for the taking, but is being held back by faint-hearts and socialists who want to keep us aligned to environmental and EU working practices, laws and regulations. As if we could not decide these for ourselves. Where have hope, aspiration and resolve gone? On a lighter note, we celebrated two birthdays: Iain Duncan Smith and Bernard Jenkin. Another terrible day for our democracy and for our nation.