Diary - another day of shame

It was always going to be a day of shame, as MPs like Oliver Letwin continued their moves to take control of the Order Paper and delay Brexit. And so it proved to be. PMQs was a sour affair, with our own MPs asking searching questions of the Prime Minister, not least why she was suddenly negotiating the future of our country with a sworn and destructive Marxist. You really could not make it up. Then on to the debate, or should I say wrecking Bill, which Letwin and other Remainers had placed on the floor of the House to prevent a no-deal departure from the EU. However, do not be fooled by this motive, as the real one is to prevent Brexit completely, and that is the real risk we now face. There were several votes during the afternoon and evening, all of them very close. We managed to defeat a Benn amendment - his father must be turning in his grave - but that left the Bill going through by one vote. This Bill is being brutally pushed through the House in a matter of hours and there will be a nemisis as laws like this come to grief in the end, causing untold harm in the process. The Lords are behaving equally disdainfully. The Third Reading went through at 2200 as a number of our MPs supported this ghastly Bill. What a sad and disgraceful day for democracy.