Diary - airliner crashes in Iran

More bad news from Iran ended the day. An Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 crashed only minutes after leaving Imam Khomeini International Airport this morning, killing all 176 people on board. With all that is going on in Iran right now questions are being asked about the cause. Some suspect it might have been shot down, but as yet there is no proof of that. Whatever happened was drastic as the pilots did not have time to send a mayday. Three Britons were among the dead. Most of the passengers were Iranian. My deepest sympathy goes to their family and friends. Back in the Chamber, the PM participated in the first PMQs since the election. Corbyn is still in place and still refusing to condemn Iran's missile strikes on Coalition airbases in Iraq. Thank God Corbyn lost the election. Mr Johnson did well and looked relaxed after his well earned break in Mustique. The new Speaker Lindsay Hoyle did exactly what he said he would do and let PMQs run for 31 minutes, and as one colleague stated at the end with a Point of Order, he ran the session without being rude to anyone. A reference there to Mr Bercow. The EU Withdrawal Bill continued in Committee, with votes coming on two occasions, the last being at 1900. The day ended with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex saying they were going to step back as senior members of the Royal Family and spend half their time in N America. They added they wanted to become financially independent.