Diary - an "abomination of a Bill."

Another shambolic and ghastly day. I cannot understand why so many MPs, including several on my side, wish to hand our country over to a bunch of bureaucrats. We at last have the opportunity to take back our liberty and reach out across an expanding world to generate the prosperity and jobs we need, free of an Orwellian project that does not have our country's best interests at heart. With that in mind, the Lords' amendments to this unconstitutional Bill returned to the Commons at 2100. Bill Cash and John Redwood made excellent contributions, the former making his points with extra passion and vigour. Labour's Yvette Cooper and Conservative Oliver Letwin have crashed this Bill through the House in one day, with the sole intention of delaying Brexit. They claim it's to prevent a no-deal exit, but I do not believe a word of it. Had they been so concerned at this outcome, neither would have voted to invoke Article 50, which was very clear that if no deal was struck following two years of negotiations, we would leave the EU without one and fall back on WTO terms. They and others are now making the rules up as they go along, helped by Mrs May who changes her mind depending on what her Remain Cabinet tell her to think. Trust and integrity have gone, much to our shame here in Parliament, and it genuinely saddens me to see so-called honourable colleagues pursuing a very different path to the one we were instructed to follow in June 2016. Naturally, I and about 80 of my colleagues and friends voted against the amendments and voted for one placed by Bill Cash. With politics in the gutter, I am not sure what happens next. Mrs May is now, unbelievably, talking about a second referendum to her Remain Cabinet. You just could not make this up. Meanwhile, talks with a Marxist-led Labour Party continue. Again, this is unfathomable. What a shambles. We need a new leader, and fast, if our country and Party are to survive.