Diary -

A new start today. Boris made his maiden appearance at the Despatch Box as PM. Before that my good friend and colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg did an outstanding job in his new role as Leader of the House. His incisive brain and knowledge of parliamentary procedure ensured that he took to the role like a duck to water. He is a round peg in a round hole. What a pleasure and relief it is to see the right MP in the right job at last and I'm sure there will be more appointments like this. Jacob was followed by Boris, who showed why he got the job. He was superb, launching into Corbyn and his dangerous and embittered sidekick McDonnell with gusto. These Marxists would destroy our country, make no mistake about that. Cheered to the rooftops, Boris put the P back into politics and with guts and self-belief told MPs what he intended to do as PM, not least leave the EU by 31 October. Not to do so would court disaster, leading to a complete breakdown in trust between MPs and those we serve. I watched the Lib Dem benches carefully and their faces twisted with hatred and disgust as Boris spoke. It reminded me where politics has now sunk to, with proper debate replaced by bitterness and hatred. Afterwards, we went to one line and I headed to Dorset, along with the rest of the world judging by the traffic! Let's hope this new era of positiveness and enthusiasm rubs off on the few of my colleagues who refuse to honour the referendum result. It's time to pull together now, deliver Brexit and then get on with the many other important issues that affect our great country.