The sun was shining - about time! It was too tempting not to get the motorbike out, so after an hour or two in the office, I headed to Weymouth to meet a young man who was looking for some advice on an idea he had. Justin Heath was a medic in the Royal Navy and is now looking for work. To keep himself occupied, he has began to try and establish a single point of contact for former service men and women who can then be advised on a whole range of issues, including housing, health and welfare. Mr Heath's view was that, although there are many separate organisations all offering help on single issues, there was no co-ordination of effort. He has a point but he needs funds, experience and of course premises. I put him in touch with the Chamber of Trade and hope that a job will come from it. He'd like to join a charity or something along those lines. A very nice young man, he is desperate to get into work. I also met his charming mum. Afterwards, I hopped back on to the bike and drove across to Swanage to canvass for one of our county council candidates, which I did through to the evening. I popped into Swanage hospital, which really is a very special place. The fight to retain it is on-going.