Diary - meeting Defence Secretary and the CGS on Lulworth ranges

The day began with an early rise, coffee and then into the office for a couple of hours before the next session of our Defence Select Committee. The virtual hearing began at 1000 was in private. Our witness was Dr Ian Levy , the Technical Director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Diary - shops to re-open on Monday

All shops can open on Monday, the Prime Minister said this afternoon. That's good news and, again, about time. He also provided a relief to those living alone in England, who can now stay at another household for the first time since the lock-down.

Diary - all children now back to school in September

Good news over the fire on Bere Heath. The Fire Brigade got it under control quickly and believe it started due to a hot-spot from the last heath fire re-igniting. Just goes to show how dreadful these forest fires are as they are so hard to put out.

Diary - another heath fire scare

Following the invasion of visitors over the recent Bank Holiday, a lot of planning had been done by all those involved to ensure it does not happen again. I was invited on to both BBC Radio Solent outputs first thing to report back on how the weekend had gone.

Diary - agreement to tackle large visitor numbers published

Two lengthy telephone conferences began the day. The first was with Dorset Council (DC) and other agencies, the second with council, police and neighbouring MP Chris Loder. I was delighted to hear that DC has got just over £9 million for roads and that schools were going back.