Diary - Chancellor targets further support to save jobs

What a day! The Chancellor adopted the role of Father Christmas and sprayed billions of pounds into the economy to save jobs. I had managed to get on the question list after his Statement, but was no 80 out of 90, so was not optimistic I'd be called.

Speech - a plan for jobs by the Chancellor of the Exchequer

Mr Speaker,

I stood here in March saying I knew people were worried.

I know they’re worried still.

We have taken decisive action to protect our economy.

But people are anxious about losing their jobs, about unemployment rising.

Diary - oral evidence from the Chief of the Defence Staff

Back home as today was a one-line whip. After an early start and a morning spent on casework, I dialled into our weekly Defence Select Committee, today taking evidence from Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter GCB CBE DSO ADC.

Letter to the Chancellor - suspension of Air Passenger Duty, by Henry Smith MP

We write in advance of your anticipated announcement of measures to help Britain’s economy recover from the impacts of COVID-19 and to urge you to include a temporary suspension of Air Passenger Duty (APD) in these measures in order to allow our aviation sector to rebuild and play their full role

Diary - arts to receive a rescue package

A blustery day ended with the news the arts have been waiting for - a £1.57 billion rescue package. They have lobbied hard and clearly successfully to safeguard jobs and venues, some of them of national significance.

Diary - pubs reopen tomorrow

Tomorrow will bring relief to many businesses as lock-down is eased. Pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas will re-open, although many others remain closed and becoming increasingly more desperate.

W2W - top UK figures promote China's influence

AS China’s malign influence continues to grow, there is worrying evidence they’ve got some powerful friends in the UK.

It’s now known that some influential and well paid figures sit on the Board of Huawei, the telecommunications company answerable to the Chinese state.